Petersen & Alpers


FEBRUARY 11th, 2015

FEBRUARY 11th, 2015

At 11th February 2015 another strong tug from DAMEN Shipyards, Gorinchem joined the fleet. This tug is the first of the new Type DAMEN ASD 2913. Petersen & Alpers is the launching customer and contributed a good deal of input into this new type. This tug will be mainly operated in the Port of Hamburg and the river Elbe. For extra safety the hull has been built with a double hull. The additional hydrostatic uplift of this double hull reduces the draft significantly by more than 1 meter compared to other tugs with the same bollard pull. The two Caterpillar main engines with a total engine output of 5.050 kW (6.772 HP) combined with two Rolls Royce thrusters results to a bollard pull up to 80,3 tons. This tug will be the strongest tug ever operated by P&A and will be within the top class of tugs in the port of Hamburg. P&A again puts into their scope the ever growing size of Container vessels which enter service constantly.



Special job with limited "Head Clearance"When the Pipe Layer “AUDACIA” entered Dock 11 of Blohm & Voss on 10. December 2010 it was essential that a tug could manoeuvre below the extreme lowered pipe slipway of nearly one hundred meters in front of the bow. Tug PETER is the only tug in Hamburg which has a foldable navigation mast . The height of the tug will be reduced down to 10,50 meters only. In combination with its high bollard pull and its good manoeuvrability the tug proved its flexibility on special towing jobs in limited spaces.


As the first German tugboat operator PETERSEN & ALPERS puts a compact Tug of 70 tons bollard pull into service. This tug "Damen ASD Tug 2411" has been build by the Dutch DAMEN Shipyards Group. Because of its compact dimensions combined with high bollard pull this tug is best suitable to assist large vessels safely and efficiantly in ports with confined spaces. Customers and Pilots wellcome the high flexility of this tug.

APRIL 30th, 2003

The shipping company is certified in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2000 standard at 30th April.

MAY 1st, 2002

General partner Hans A. Lindenau retires after 48 years of service at 1st May . His son, Peter Lindenau, takes over as Managing Director. The company’s corporate form changes to Petersen & Alpers GmbH & Co. KG.

JULY 23rd, 1998

JULY 23rd, 1998

The strongest tugboat with a bollard pull of 51 tonnes, the M/S MICHEL, is launched at 23th July. In addition, this is the first tug boat not to have been built by a German shipyard but at the Spanish shipyard of Astilleros Zamakona. Since August 2011 operating in Klaipeda as TAK-7.


Certified in accordance with the International Quality Assurance ISO 9002:1994 standard inApril of 1997

OCTOBER 16th, 1996

Foundation of the Towage & Marine Assistance in Lithuania, in order to provide towage assistance and maritime  services in the Port of Klaipeda and the Baltic Sea.

In 2019 pivot and change of name to TOWMAR BALTIC.



200 years of Petersen & Alpers at 6th September.

MARCH 11th, 1986

MARCH 11th, 1986

HANS (2) is launched at 11th March by P & A as the socalled three-man operated tugboat.

JANUARY 22nd, 1982

With the reorganisation of the towing tariffs on 22th January , the tugboats in Hamburg provide their own towing lines.

DECEMBER 17th, 1974

DECEMBER 17th, 1974

On 17th December the PETER is put into service as P & A’s first tugboat equipped with rudder propellers. Based on the new concept of the so-called tractor tugs, 8 such tugs have been commissioned by P & A to date. See also tug ISE.

JUNE 20th, 1971

JUNE 20th, 1971

P & A enters into "deep sea towage business" with the HAMBURG on20th June.



JAN (4), the last P & A steam tugboat, is converted into a diesel-electric tugboat.

SEPTEMBER 6th, 1968

175th company anniversary of Petersen & Alpers at 6th September.


Karl Doelitzsch dies, Hans A. Lindenau becomes the personal liable partner of P & A at 11th December.

NOVEMBER 30th, 1964

NOVEMBER 30th, 1964

MICHEL PETERSEN is commissioned as the first all-purpose tugboat at 30th November.

NOVEMBER 1st, 1955

NOVEMBER 1st, 1955

1st November P & A moves into its own offices at Hafentor / Johannisbollwerk.29th April 1955With the commissioning of the MICHEL, P & A puts the first diesel-electric powered diesel tug boat into service. In all, 10 of such tugs are put into service using this operating system until 1967.

AUGUST 1st, 1954

Hans A. Lindenau joins the management of P & A at 1st August.


With 12 tug boats, P & A becomes a member of the Tug Union stipulated by the occupying forces.


The Baumwall offices fall victim to bombing raids.


Adolf Timmermann dies, Karl Doelitzsch joins P & A as a general partner.


P & A operates in September 18 tugboats, one of which has been commissioned. 12 Tug boats have been seized by the war navy.

AUGUST 15th, 1914

The Panama Canal is completed at 15th August, whose construction had commenced in 1879.

JANUARY 1st, 1913

W. Th. Stratmann becomes the sole owner of P & A at 1st January.EMIL and AUGUSTE are commissioned as P & A’s last new pre-war vessels.P & A operates 17 tug boats.


The Kaiser Wilhelm canal, today known as the Kiel Canal, is inaugurated at20th June.

FEBRUARY 4th, 1883

Wilhelmine Petersen (daughter of Jan Petersen) marries W. Th. Stratmann at 4th February .



The first own steam tugboat, PETERSEN & ALPERS, is put into service.


P & A orders the first steel lighter.22nd June 1877Petersen & Alpers is entered into the commercial register.

NOVEMBER 17th, 1869

The Suez Canal is opened on 17th November after 10 years of construction.


Jan Petersen founds the Petersen & Alpers office.

JULY 26th, 1831

The birth of Jan Petersen (third generation) at 26th July.


The first Hamburg-based shipping companies are founded (Godeffroy, Laeisz, Woermann).


Johann Michael Petersen leads the company into its second generation and works together with Andreas Heinrich Alpers.


Napoleon’s occupation brings Hamburg’s shipping to a general standstill. End of the First German Reich.

AUGUST 27th, 1796

The birth of Johann Michael Petersen (son of Michael Petersen) on 27th August 1796.

SEPTEMBER 6th, 1793

SEPTEMBER 6th, 1793

Michael Petersen takes the citizen’s oath in Hamburg as a Master Mariner; the founding date of the company: 6th September 1793