Petersen & Alpers


During the past 6 years our tug PETER with a 70 tons bollard pull ranks to the strongest tugs in the Port of Hamburg. After haven taken delivery of the new building MICHEL the company operates the strongest tug ever in its over 225 years history. This newly developed compact tug, DAMEN ASD 2913, meets the demand to ever growing ships of the customers. The MICHEL delivers a bollard pull of up to 80,3 tons. Regarding sustainability and environmental protection the tug is equipped with a double hull. The main engines burn the best quality of Gasoil. During idle times the tug is connected to electric shore power which saves more than 60 % of emission by the auxiliary diesels.


P & A develops the three-man tugboat At the beginning of the 80s, Petersen & Alpers worked on an innovative concept to reduce a tugboat’s operating costs: The company commissioned the first so-called three-man tugboat in the port of Hamburg. Up until then, tugs which assist seagoing vessels were manned with a captain, engineer and two deckhands. One deckhand was saved enabling significant reduction of crewing costs.

In 2008 P & A was the first German Tugowner, who took over a Compact tug Type ASD 2411 built by DAMEN Shipyards. Its compact dimensions combined with strong thusters gives quick mavoeuvrability. In the Port of Hamburg low draft and the ability to work course stable under Bow to Bow conditions are most essential. This tug is the perfect working tool for the Masters of the Customers, the Pilots an our crew.


Operating Compact tugs, which are especially designed for the demands of a port, costly equipment e.g. for coastal towage can be saved, to offer competitive rates.


P & A is certified in accordance with ISO standardsIn April 1997 P&A implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9002:1994 standards. P & A emphasised its intention to extend quality standards despite sinking profits and was thus the first tugboat company in the port of Hamburg to become ISO-certified. The established Quality Management System was updated in April 2009 to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard. In addition, P&A voluntarily complies with all relevant demands of the International Safety Management Code (ISM-Code)